You can download MSRP Relay in several ways:

Debian Packages

Linux installation instructions are available here. The package name is msrprelay.

After that, run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install msrprelay

Installing from source


The software has been developed and tested on Linux Debian unstable distribution.

Tar Archive

The software can be downloaded as a tar archive from:

Extract it using tar xzvf msrprelay-version.tar.gz and change directory to the newly created msrprelay directory.

Version Control

The source code is managed using darcs version control tool. The darcs repository can be fetched with:

darcs get

To obtain the incremental changes after the initial get, go to the msrprelay directory and run:

cd msrprelay
darcs pull -a

Install the software:

cd msrprelay
python install